Biojuve Biome Support Complex 30ml

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A supplemental, extracted blend of Bioessentials™ to enhance the performance of the living Xycrobe™ technology in the BIOJUVE Living Biome Essentials Serum.

Suitable for all skin types. The Biome Support Complex helps optimize skin health and restore natural radiance with a concentrated boost of Bioessentials, an extracted concentrate of Xycrobederived proteins, polypeptides, antioxidants and more produced by the Xycrobes. Formulated with a film former, a light barrier to help protect the Xycrobes throughout the day to allow them to provide 24/7 skin biome care.

AM Apply 1-2 pumps onto clean, dry skin of the face and neck.

The Biome Support Complex contains a concentrate of the Xycrobes Bioessentials produced to help support the skin’s natural environment.

• ElfaMoist (Acetamidoethoxyethanol)

• Sodium hyaluronate

• Aminoa Acid Complex

• Cutibacterium acnes ferment