Our Team

Name: Renee Pascall

Role: Clinic Owner / Beauty Therapist

How long have you been at Complete Skin? 7 years

How/why did you get started in the skincare industry? I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years now. I have always wanted to work within this industry. As a young girl I would massage creams into anyone who would sit still long enough.

Favourite product? Reduce from Cosmedix Elite. All my regular clients know this product as the vegemite cream because to me it smells like vegemite! This is the best anti-inflammatory serum/gel I have ever used. Packed with calming Goto Kola, Willow bark and nourishing Jojoba, it is great on a super sensitive skin as it helps to reduce redness. It is also perfect for rosacea sufferers. I use it every day and night I just love it 😊

Favourite treatment? Cosmedix Benefit Peel. I love this treatment so much! It is a vitamin C based peel with the exfoliating benefits of retinol and fruit enzymes. Gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin this powerhouse peel will give you a beautiful glow while supporting and strengthening the skin.

If you’re not a work, what are you up to? I love spending time with my family and friends. My days look a little different now with my little man in tow. Park dates and baby chinos for the win!

Go-to skincare tip/routine? Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Not cleansing at night can age us 7 times faster! Not only can sleeping in makeup congest our skin it also means we’re not removing the dirt, dust, pollutants and free radicals from the day that can cause a break down in our collagen and elastin. It only takes 3 minutes or less… wash your face!

Favourite part about Complete Skin? My beautiful clients 😊 I love going to work every day, I get so much joy out of helping my wonderful clients achieve their skin goals.



Name: Ruth Gorman

Business Owner of Ruth Gorman Aesthetics

How long have you been working in the aesthetic industry? I was lucky enough to start at Complete Skin when they first opened. It was amazing to be part of a very new business and team, watching it grow and develop new skills together.

I have since started my own business alongside Complete Skin, offering cosmetic treatments, PRP and skin needling.

How/why did you get started in the skincare industry? I have always been passionate about skin, improving it's function and making people feel good about themselves. I love seeing results and increasing people's confidence about themselves. I saw the job advertised while working as a nurse at a local hospital and thought I would apply and see where the road took me. I am still grateful I was given the opportunity to join this amazing team and gain so much knowledge in the cosmetic world.

Favourite product? My favourite product that I have loved for five years is Cosmedix Pure Enzymes. This mask is the holy grail for smooth skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells, decongests, improves dullness and the lactic acid works a treat for plumping the skin with extra hydration.

Favourite treatment? Oh it is hard to choose one, I have so many. If I had to pick it would be Platelet Rich Plasma. There is little downtime, it's amazing at skin rejuvenation, evening out fine lines, stimulating collagen and elastin, plumping the skin and best of all it's all natural. What's not to love.

If you’re not working, what are you up to? When I'm not at work, I'm a busy Mum to two boys and a beautiful baby girl. You will find me at footy training, footy games, all playgrounds and generally running around after them. When I have time to myself, I'm keeping fit by walking the river each morning and cycling every chance I get.

Go-to skincare tip/routine? I am a firm believer of quality skincare. Routine is the key and it does not have to be complicated. I always double cleanse at night to get rid of sunscreen, oils and make up and always use a hyaluronic serum during winter. Our skin needs are different in the colder climates so we have to adapt our skincare. Adding a hyaluronic acid keeps the hydration in the skin and of course SPF 50. Being outdoors daily I never go without a sunscreen that is of good quality and high protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Favourite part about working as a cosmetic nurse? This would have to be seeing amazing results and making people happy and confident in their skin.