Why a chemical peel?

Why a chemical peel?

Many people come to the clinic for a simple skin consultation and when I suggest a chemical peel, I seem to trigger a fight or flight response. People tend to think “Won't that leave me red, burning, or flaking?” The answer is "not particularly".  Let me explain the different types we offer and what exactly they can do for your skin.

Chemical peels are a fantastic way to refresh the skin when it’s feeling dull and lacking lustre. They are used to help even out skin tone, fade pigmentation, treat sun damage, dehydration and improve fine lines.  Depending on your main concern we will advise you on the best option and strength of peel you may require to achieve optimum results.

Light peels

These are the mildest peel that can be performed. These peels come in the form of different peeling types– glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid. They exfoliate the outer layer of the skin to even out the skins texture, refine the pores and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. They do not penetrate the skin deeply but more so aid in surface imperfections. They are pain free and cause little or no flaking which make them a great choice for a lunch time treat to regain that refreshed and healthy glow.

Medium peels

Medium depth peels are slightly more active peels which in some cases can cause some visible peeling or flaking. They are used to treat moderate sun damage, diminish fine lines, lighten pigment and refine enlarged pores but at a more deeper level.

Don’t let the term ‘chemical peel’ deter you from having a facial treatment. Your skin will feel amazing, refreshed and hydrated with little or no downtime. Come into the clinic and let us advise you on the best treatment options for your skin.

Ruth Gorman (RN).

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