What is Rosacea?

 Rosacea is a chronic condition that typically affects the central face and is characterised by redness, pimples, swelling and small vessels which gives the cheeks, nose and chin that flushed appearance. The condition first appears between the ages of 30-50 with patients complaining of a constant flushing in the cheeks. Overtime the redness remains as the capillaries become enlarged. The range of possible causes has included defects in facial blood vessels, the nervous system, immune system and the presence of micobes and Demodex mites.

 Causes of rosacea

The exact cause of rosacea is unknown however there are common triggers that are linked to the condition such as changes in temperature, stress, skin irritating products, alcohol, spicy foods and an increased presence of the Demodex mite. These mites seem to be in abundance with rosacea sufferers.

 Treatment options

Here at Complete Skin we have a few options available to help control and treat rosacea. We have a GP on site to review and prescribe creams if required to control the presence of the Demodex mite. We also offer IPL treatment to reduce and clear the vessels that give the skin that flushed red appearance to the cheeks, nose and chin. Our Redless serum by Aspect Dr is amazing for the management of facial redness, dry skin, irritated and uncomfortable skin. It contains sea buckthorn fruit extract which is anti-inflammatory and soothing for the skin. We also advise Vitamin C by Aspect Dr for Rosacea. Vitamin C repairs capillary walls and strengthens the vessels. All our consultations are free and we can help direct you with the best treatment plan to suit you.


Ruth Gorman RN


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