How to achieve glowing skin after the Christmas break

How to achieve glowing skin after the Christmas break

Christmas time can take a huge toll on our skin. It’s the time of year we all try to look our best, book in for facials, buy a new serum to make us glow and plan on getting lots of well-earned rest. Ironically, it becomes the busiest time of year in our social calendar where we find ourselves drinking lots of wine, eating fatty foods and re-assuring ourselves this chocolate is surely the last one. Lack of sleep and long days at the beach can lead your skin down a path of dehydration and dullness.

I try to maintain the health of my skin as much as possible during the silly season with a few great treatments that help with hydration, clarity, pigment control, firmness and detoxification of the skin, all of which will inevitably help you maintain the glow you tried so hard to achieve.

But if you are like me and are struggling to fit into that work dress now that January is here and have committed to healthy eating for the next year, now is the time to commit to a better inner health to rediscover that radiant skin.

Here are a few products and in-salon treatments that I cannot live without. Hopefully they will help get you back on track too!


Pure enzyme mask from Cosmedix is a weekly treatment that lifts away dull surface skin. Refreshing cranberry enzymes gently exfoliate, removing impurities for a healthy, smoother appearance. I swear by this mask. It instantly makes you feel super clean and bright. It costs only $80 and will last from 6 to 12 months. 

Glow bamboo brightening mask also from Cosmedix, is another fantastic brightening mask. It aids in reducing the appearance of discolouration, uneven skin tone and roughness for smoother, brighter skin. It contains exfoliating beads so you really feel like you have removed the top layer of Christmas shenanigans from your face. Used every week you will really see a difference in your complexion. It costs $84 lasts 6 to 12 months.

Pepoxide antioxidant serum is a unique blend of sixteen powerful antioxidants and peptide amino acids that aid in the protection of free radical damage while helping to dramatically improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is like a power boost of nutrients which is exactly what the skin needs after the holiday season. I love it. It absorbs straight into the skin and helps with firmness and to reduce break outs. It costs $132 and will most certainly last 4 to 8 months, depending on whether you apply it once or twice a day. 


Dull skin

Blueberry smoothie peel by Cosmedix is a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells and is a touch stronger than at-home treatments. It instantly gives you brighter, smoother skin. It also helps to keep pigmentation at bay. It takes only 30 minutes so its great for a lunch time treatment.


Our customised medi-facial is the perfect way to get rid of dead skin cells and allow us to devise the best treatment option to suit your skins needs. It comprises of a deep exfoliation, skin prep to remove any surface oils and a deep hydration mask/lactic peel (if you’re able to tolerate it). We apply Vitamin C serum and hyaluronic serum post-treatment to optimise moisture levels in the skin leaving you feeling brighter and more radiant.


I cannot talk about our IPL skin rejuvenation enough. In just three treatments it can rid the skin of stubborn pigment that peels just cannot shift.  The laser breaks down deep epidermal pigment causing it to come to the surface. This pigment becomes dark and turns to dry skin for which you exfoliate off in a week to 10 days. Your skin will feel amazing, pores will be refined, and fine lines reduced. It costs $450 and takes about 30 mins to perform. This treatment includes a peptide mask from Societe which is applied to the skin for about 20 mins post-treatment to instantly take the heat away. You will need to avoid the sun, sauna and gym for 24-48 hours post. Sunscreen is a must to protect the skin that is currently undergoing exfoliation at cellular level. This is by far our most popular treatment at the clinic.

Of course, we have numerous other options and treatments but I feel these are the best to get your skin back into good health after the silly season. As I always say, please call us to arrange the first step to brighter skin. 

Ruth Gorman (RN).

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